Thursday, January 31

Pretty Pink Stuff

I think pink may be my favorite color. Before my daughter was born though, I couldn't get away with much pink stuff... It doesn't look really good ON me, and my husband wouldn't appreciate a fluffy pink pillow on his bed. But now that the princess has arrived, I can have a hay day!
This post started with the innocent intention of showing a box I painted for her room, but then I took another picture - and then another...

A cute way to display pictures. This was a fun project.

"Always kiss me Goodnight" ...not that I would ever forget! This is a strip of wood handpainted with two vintage hooks attached to either side.

The birth announcement My mom and I made for my daughter. Hours upon hours of detail work... thank you mom!

To the left, cute paper pinwheels I made in coordinating colors.

This is a hand painted
vase that my Mom made... very
beautiful!!! China Paint
on Porcelain.

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ScottyFaye said...

will you come decorate my room please? thanks~


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