Friday, February 29

A good chance...

OOh, Miss B from Bella Bella Co is offering a customized rubber stamp giveway with calligraphy by yours truly! You can go by and leave a comment on her blog to be included in the drawing, so hurry your busy little fingers over :) ... and be sure to take a good look at the rest of the blog - she gives away wonderfully useful downloads every friday and has amazing designs in her etsy shop.

Tuesday, February 26

More Envelope Calligraphy... and some thoughts.

I do ALOT of envelope addressing. More than actually loving the tediousness of writing out 200 envelopes in a meticulous push-and-release-pressure method, I love interacting with people, I love creating something that will stop them in their tracks and let them feel the pleasure of holding something beautiful and handmade with individual attention. And hopefully, not only my customer will love the calligraphy, but the hundreds of other people who open their mailbox's, anticipating just another bill, will *GASP* at delight at the first glimpse of an extraordinary event.
And I must admit, that on the practical side, I am a wee bit selfish, and know that with every hour of sitting at my art desk, I am improving my skills - and of course, I wouldn't be doing this without the high hopes of becoming the next Louis Madarasz (...a female one!)

Thursday, February 21

Feel the Script!

Ooh La la! After drooling over several new "hot" fonts from Veer, I picked my official favorite, "Feel Script". Yes, I am a calligrapher and pay utmost respect to hand written letters, but fonts also have their place! They started out as hand lettering, right? (Not on your envelopes though, those should be handwritten in my calligraphy ... hehe.)

This one, "Affair" comes in close second...

I'm thinking about practicing these and maybe, just maybe, adding my take of them to the hand lettering choices for commissioned work.

Monday, February 11

Pink Penman

I just finished an envelope addressing order for Save-the-date's. This bride requested a custom pink shade of lettering on a soft white envelope in the Penman lettering style. Lovin' the pink....!

Wednesday, February 6

Psalm 27 Scripture Calligraphy

Psalm 27:1-6
"The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear?..."
This work was done on an oblong sheet of heavyweight watercolor paper, roughly 15x20". The scripture is written in the King James Version of the bible. Title done in embellished Lombardic Versals, which is a hand that dates back to the early Gothic period. The text is my flourished Italic.
I'm having fun with this "antiquing" thing lately -- hmm maybe it's time for some borders...

Friday, February 1

Calligraphy for Seating Chart

These seating charts can get a little tedious, but the fun part is the monogram and painting all the pretty things around the 200 names. This sweet bride was using a fall theme for her invitations and reception, and commissioned a seating scroll to match. In case you are a little unclear on what purpose this serves, it is used to display at the entrance of the wedding reception for guests to locate which table they have been assigned to. Like escort cards, only more expensive ;)


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