Thursday, February 21

Feel the Script!

Ooh La la! After drooling over several new "hot" fonts from Veer, I picked my official favorite, "Feel Script". Yes, I am a calligrapher and pay utmost respect to hand written letters, but fonts also have their place! They started out as hand lettering, right? (Not on your envelopes though, those should be handwritten in my calligraphy ... hehe.)

This one, "Affair" comes in close second...

I'm thinking about practicing these and maybe, just maybe, adding my take of them to the hand lettering choices for commissioned work.


Scotty said...

Whoa those are cute.
I can never find that kind of font on yahoo IM. lol

I just LOVE all the comments you leave me by the way.... :)

wishfulgem said...

im having my husbands initials tattoed on my wrist in just over a weeks time. ive came across your writing style and wondered if you would kindly send me over a few samples i could maybe use for my tattoo.
the initials are S and M i would also quite like them interlocked.
can you please help?
tasha x

wishfulgem said...

im having my husbands initials tattooed on my wrist next week i love your style of writing is there any chance you could email me a few scripts over the initials are SM.
best wishes,
tasha x

mj said...

Hi, I really like your work! I am looking for someone of your talents to design me a unique tattoo. . please let me know if its possible. Thanks. .

mj x

shaunaa said...

just like everyone else commenting on your page. I love your work!!!
& i too am looking for a tattoo font!!
its exactly what im looking for, for my tattoo.

if you can help me please eamil me ... cause im not on here much,

thanx soo much


Jacklyn said...

I really like this script and something this tasteful is hard to find. Im getting a new tatt soon and would like to use this font.Im getting rock wings on my shoulder and my sons name in between so I think it will blend well. Would you mind sending the letters to my email at I would really really appreciate it...:)Youre very talented Im envious lol

Thanks so much


Anonymous said...

Hi you're probably extremely bored of being asked but PLEASE could you email me my son's name in your writting, it's superb, very impressive. My sons name is Charlie, i would like it for an engraving on a christening gift for my son...he's being christened next sunday. I would really appreciate it. My email is

Many thanks in advance

Vemzer said...

hey dude

your fonts are amazing

i want to get a tattoo

using a similar font.

is there any chance you could get

my a jpg with one of those fonts

writing: "My Fallen Angel".

my email is

thanks, Vemzer.

Pat said...

Hey killer fonts. I was looking to get a tattoo saying "Forever" in similar lettering.

If you have the time it be sosososo awesome if you could send me something like that, classy lettering like this is very hard to find


shell said...

hi, i am getting my first tattoo and i really love the font you have called "in type we trust" i was wondering if you could send me the alphabet in that font or just have the words ... "where there is love, there is life"...
If you are unable to, do you no how i can get a font that is extremely close to it?? Would greatly appreciate it thankyou. Richelle.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, my name is kristina and i was wondering if you could email me my sons name in that wicked writing that you do..his name is Cameron Dean, I would really appreciate it please....thanks a mill....x

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kristina here again I forgot to give you my is

Anonymous said...

i'm getting a tattoo soon and i've been tryin to find a nice, simple, stylish lettering for the words. any suggestions? the tattoo is going to be on the back of my neck so it's gonna be kind of small. but it's only 4 short words.

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your fonts. I am getting a tattoo of my husbands initials which are J and S soon and wanted to know if you could do an interlocking design for me?

Please email to

m said...

hi there, i would be most greatful if you could send . By that sin fell the angels. for my new tattoo.

thank u thank u thank u x

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I love your work. I have been searching for a long time for a tattoo font. I was wondering if you would be able to help me design a tat for my right forearm that says


I would love lettering that has swirls connecting the words. I won a drawing competition at high school and the prise was a calligraphy set. This is where my love of calligraphy began.

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Hi Danae, I attempted calligraphy many years ago, and failed miserably. Your two styles displayed are awesome, and I love the extra twirls before the capital 'A'. Very clever creative. I too am getting a tattoo of my baby's names. They are Morrissey and Shylah. Are you able to email me some samples of your work? Thanks so much.

Ruslan said...

Hi, i like your font and i want to take tattoo on my arm whit my son name William if you can help me plz put me email.

Anonymous said...

Hi do you think it's possible to send me an example of "Beloved" in this font for a small wrist tatoo I want? O want something femine and like this. My email is Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Could you write my girlfriends name Claudja.could you do it just slightly arced?
I will gladly pay.
Tell me how

Sarah said...

Would it be possible for you to send me the word "hope" in the first font on your page (feel script)? I think it is a great font and would like it for a small tattoo. I will pay if you email me the information. Thank you!!

sancle1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sancle1 said...

can you write out San Clemente for me? please!

stephanie said...

Wow I really love your work! I (as many other people I see) am getting a tattoo. I was wondering if you could possible give me a few samples of "Family & Faith" in beautiful handwriting style, because those are the only two things that last forever. My father just died a few weeks ago and my boyfriend just broke up with me a few days ago...2010 isn't my year so far.
Thanks so very much

karren said...

Hi Iam having my boyfriends initials tattooed next week, can you do a sample for me I like the Affair script the initials are DAH. Thanks Karren.

karren said...

Hi Iam having my boyfriends initials tattooed next week, can you do a sample for me I like the Affair script the initials are DAH. Thanks Karren.

Nicole said...

wow, are these spam comments? i can't imagine THAT many people needing tattoo in this font! LOL


alyssia said...

hi i love your work!
just like everyone else, i would love to use your "affair" font for my tattoo. could you email me sometime? thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love your work. I want to get a tattoo in your font. I want "What goes around comes around". Could you email that to

I really appreciate it!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi i been looking around for fonts im trying to get a tattoo i came across your writting and i like it i was wondering if you can send me some samples of " Mi Gente Unida Hamas Sera Vencida" which means "my people united will never be defeated" also i want my mothers name Miriam im in no rush i understand you have a list of people but if you have a chance you can email the samples to if theres any charge we can work somnething out thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

i loved it...

Manuela Arias said...

hi, I love the font called "in type we trust". I wanna get a tattoo and i'd like to use your font. if you can help me please contact me, my e-mail:

Lainie Michel said...

Hi there,
I just thought I would let you know that your work is exquisite! This is such a lost art and I am so happy to see someone who cares to preserve it - thank you.


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