Friday, February 29

A good chance...

OOh, Miss B from Bella Bella Co is offering a customized rubber stamp giveway with calligraphy by yours truly! You can go by and leave a comment on her blog to be included in the drawing, so hurry your busy little fingers over :) ... and be sure to take a good look at the rest of the blog - she gives away wonderfully useful downloads every friday and has amazing designs in her etsy shop.


Miss B. said...

Thanks Miss Danae!

Scotty said...

GGrrrr-8 work sis :)

Tomorrow we're going to church for like.. all day.. again as we've done for millions of years since the beginning of time. *droops* I want to stay home and chat with you on y!messenger!!!!
But maybe monday if u have time!

Ohh I put a new post up, don't look so shocked.


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