Tuesday, February 26

More Envelope Calligraphy... and some thoughts.

I do ALOT of envelope addressing. More than actually loving the tediousness of writing out 200 envelopes in a meticulous push-and-release-pressure method, I love interacting with people, I love creating something that will stop them in their tracks and let them feel the pleasure of holding something beautiful and handmade with individual attention. And hopefully, not only my customer will love the calligraphy, but the hundreds of other people who open their mailbox's, anticipating just another bill, will *GASP* at delight at the first glimpse of an extraordinary event.
And I must admit, that on the practical side, I am a wee bit selfish, and know that with every hour of sitting at my art desk, I am improving my skills - and of course, I wouldn't be doing this without the high hopes of becoming the next Louis Madarasz (...a female one!)


Scotty said...

I love the shots you did of your envelopes! (someone's a good photographer:) hehe

Laura said...

OH...just found your blog... cause I was just about to do some caligraphy... and love your comment about holding a beautiful pc of art in your hand... yes... thankyou for your beauty... keep it up... and thanks for posting...

d :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! amazing work, i found ur blog through google like many others i to am looking for some script writing for a new tattoo. I am yet to find one that i like and was wondering if u could create something the text i would like is " The Power of One" or "La potencia de uno".
My email facefirst@live.com.au would greatly appreciate it
Thank You :0)
Have a great Day


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