Wednesday, February 6

Psalm 27 Scripture Calligraphy

Psalm 27:1-6
"The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear?..."
This work was done on an oblong sheet of heavyweight watercolor paper, roughly 15x20". The scripture is written in the King James Version of the bible. Title done in embellished Lombardic Versals, which is a hand that dates back to the early Gothic period. The text is my flourished Italic.
I'm having fun with this "antiquing" thing lately -- hmm maybe it's time for some borders...


ScottyFaye said...

hey girl I love the artwork you've posted up so far it's beautiful.
Whatcha doin today? I think we're just gonna be relaxing. Call later on today if you want!

Kari said...

Danae, it's just beautiful. Do you mind sharing your "antiquing" technique? I would love to learn how! - KV

Danae said...

Hi Kari! Thanks for your interest. There is really nothing much to it... For this particular effect, I just used a stamp pad, sepia colored and rubbed it carefully along the sides with the edge, then lightly and flat over the rough texture of the watercolor paper. This is also a really neat effect to use on Photos (B/w or sepia colored is best.)



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