Tuesday, March 11

St. Johns Bible

I am in awe. Have you heard of this? The St. Johns bible was commissioned to master calligrapher and artist Donald Jackson. It was his life's dream to write the bible by hand! If only I had such grand aspirations.... it is my joy to write scriptures, but the very thought of something as huge as this makes me want to eat two chocolate bars in one sitting. It is the first completely handwritten and illuminated bible since the invention of the printing press.

"Like the great manuscripts of the past, The Saint John’s Bible is meant to speak to generations to come, igniting the imagination, encouraging a rich engagement with the Scriptures and inviting people to explore a living tradition of art, spirituality and theology through the written and illuminated word."

The Saint John’s Bible is seven volumes and two feet tall by three feet wide when open. The Bible is made of vellum, with 160 illuminations, and has cost $4 million to produce. The version of the Bible used is the New Revised Standard Version .

If you must purchase one of these prints, I won't argue!

Wednesday, March 5

Mongrams are SO great

I love monograms. Properly used, you can do so much with 'em! Here are some ideas:

If you are getting married...

You'll most likely want to use initials only, but really, anything goes.
~Custom Cake Topper (Glass Etching...?)
~ Invitation, menu & program integration
~ Thank you notes for after
~ His & her tatoos....

Anything Else...

~Customized Notecards.
~ Have a set of letterpressed coasters made
~Make into a rubber stamp! (Labeling, signatures...etc, etc.)
~ Embroider anything (except your clothing. That might get weird.)


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