Wednesday, March 5

Mongrams are SO great

I love monograms. Properly used, you can do so much with 'em! Here are some ideas:

If you are getting married...

You'll most likely want to use initials only, but really, anything goes.
~Custom Cake Topper (Glass Etching...?)
~ Invitation, menu & program integration
~ Thank you notes for after
~ His & her tatoos....

Anything Else...

~Customized Notecards.
~ Have a set of letterpressed coasters made
~Make into a rubber stamp! (Labeling, signatures...etc, etc.)
~ Embroider anything (except your clothing. That might get weird.)


Scotty said...

Lol tattoos JK I'M SURE!!
:) just playin.
What ya doing today, I'll get on yahoo if you wanna chat just buzz.

Scotty said...

Me again, where you been hiding out for the past few days??

I miss ya, hopefully we'll see each other the 15th :)


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