Thursday, April 17

Dinner Menu's

If you are planning a dinner menu, you should enlisted the help of a creative family member and caterer with your selections and wording. The wording for your dinner menu is very important, because it not only announces what you will be serving for the evening, but it creates the anticipation and expectancy of what is to come. Kind of like.... window shopping. Who doesn't love window shopping almost as much as the real thing, right? And just as a beautifully and properly addressed wedding envelope sets the standard for what is to come, a dinner menus layout and verbage should be thought over carefully and created to balance well with all other other elements at the table.

This simple yet lovely menu was designed by me, and letterpress printed by jazyrain on Crane's Rounded and Hand-Beveled Gold Edge Pearl White Menu Cards. This is an absolute stunning choice of paper to use for menu cards and even have coordinating place cards. As an alternative to writing out the entire menu in script, the hand calligraphy was paired with a bold typeface.

If you are unsure of what you would like your menu to look at, contact me and I will make the design process easy for you. I listen to your ideas, look at the stationary you have used and take into consideration the theme and colors of your wedding. Sample sketches are always proofed before finalizing, and only the best papers and printers are recommended.

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