Tuesday, April 22

Letterpress Invitation Suite in Hand Calligraphy

I recently worked with talented event coordinator, Talia from Sixpence Events in creating this invitation suite for her client. The client chose my Helinda Rook lettering style, and the package included the lettering for the invitation, RSVP card/envleope, and return addressing lettering. The digital file of my lettering was sent to a printer and was letterpress printed on soft white paper in navy ink. Simple and exquisite.

Helinda Rook detail:


Scotty said...

Oh so beautiful and classic.
It reminded me how women in the old days used to all write in cursive because it was the "proper" thing I guess.
(that doesn't even begin to compare to your writing btw)
But now it's so sad how lots of people have lost that and just write in print or something.
INcluding me I admit :(
How sad, that's why we need beautiful young women like DANAE HERNANDEZ to bring the beauty of writing back into the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rest my case.
ily hehe :)

Stephanie said...

What a stunning suite! I love your calligraphy, and what a lucky bride to have gotten such a gorgeous invitation design.

I know this is a very old post, but if you still check this and don't mind, I have a question:

How did you get the digital file to maintain so much detail without breaking up the thinner lines? I am a letterpress printer, working with a calligrapher on an invitation design for the first time. Neither she nor I can get the digital file to vectorize properly, without making everything either broken up or thicker than intended. If you have any advice on that end, I would appreciate it!

Thanks so much,
Pink Orchid Press

chandra said...

World-class design! keep it up!@bose



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