Monday, April 14

Pretty Place Cards

What I love about wedding place cards is that they don't have to conform to any one style, color scheme, shape, etc. You can pretty much do what you want as long as the name is legible and it doesn't take up too much space. It is usually a nice idea to match the lettering style to that on the invitation envelopes, but not an absolute necessity if you are going for a different feel on your reception.

The place cards pictures here are in a lovely shade of "Tiffany Blue" (my new favorite color this spring!) and are done in "Luna De Miel", a lettering style I created. I love this lettering style because although it has the delicate thick-to-thin lines that mimic the gorgeous Copperplate scripts, it flows with long curly stems that feel playfully romantic.

If that isn't playful enough, the "Mambo" lettering style I created certainly is! Pictured here in red, with a swirly black accent behind to add that delicate touch. See a review of this lettering style here.

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