Friday, April 25

Too ~ Pretty Heart Garlands

Loving this Etsy find!! These little paper garlands are just my cup of tea. Really inexpensive too! They are just what that bare wall needs. I'm also entertaining the thought of making my own..... (pink girly ones for princess Letty) although I have to say, there is something irreplaceable satisfying about buying someone else's creative endeavors.

Seller Cori Kindred says: "Made with lovely found and vintage papers, ten small paper heart flags make up this adorable garland. Perfect for Valentine's day or any day you need to feel some love..." Visit her little etsy shop here and nab yourself one of these goodies. One more reason I support her??? She's from my hometown, Portland OR :)

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Scotty said...

I'm glad you have a new post up cause I haven't had time to work on a bloggy post yet lol
:( I need inspiration.. and it isn't coming easily to my oxygen deprived mind.
hehe jk jk.
:) love ya :)


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