Monday, July 21

Gorgeous Envelopes!

Summer is upon us and not only have I managed to enjoy an extended vacation with family, I've probably convinced what readers I had that I would never return! So sorry to be gone so long.

I've really enjoyed working with a new acquaintance recently, Margot M. from design company, Atelier Isabey. I can rave about their luxurious invitations, or you can check out the site yourself - simply stunning work. This is a photo of an invitation/envelope she designed and I was happy to address such gorgeous envelopes. If you have ever seen a lovelier envelope, you can call me on it, but this is the winner for now!


Miss B. said...

I have to agree these are pretty stunning, is it screened, letterpressed? It's really a beauty, but really Danae, it's the calligraphy that makes the whole thing AND you MIL logo..SIGH, is there anything you can't do???


kseniyaanne said...

They're letterpress-printed!


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