Monday, July 21

Why make a Wedding Map?

.... Oh, because they are just the coolest ever. If I had thought of this eight years ago when I got married -- I would have made myself one. But alas, I did not - so I'm here pitching the idea to you. Not only are these fun and exciting to design, but they are fun to GIVE, and fun to GET. It's a win-win for everyone!

Here's how it works:

1. Get Engaged (or plan a gala)
2. Pick your destination
3. Call or email me
4. I'll get the details and whip out one of these babies.

And in case you are having trouble envisioning what the actual purpose or use would be, here are a few ways to put them to use:

a. Simply print to your invitation size and add into your invitation envelopes.
b. Print early and send as a double sided "Save the Date".
c. Hand out at the reception as a "favor" or memento of the happy occasion.

On a side note, these keepsake maps are not intended to be used for turn-by -turn directions, but for a guide to vicinity of the wedding {or other event} and general directions for area attractions. Click here for pricing.


Miss B. said...

Uhm, is this not the most BEAUTIFUL work of art EVER???? MY GOODNESS GIRL!!!

Scotty said...

Danae, you are nothing short of my hero :) I adore your writing, it sounds exactly like the kind you might read on a modern day article and has that lean-back-in-your-chair-and-type-a-masterpiece feel. wow that was way too long.
Anyways, you get the picture :)

~love u gorgeous~


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