Wednesday, August 20

Digital Fun

I used to like this picture just the way it was. Sure, I already had way too much lipstick on, and it's a little painful to see myself making it even darker, but hey, I was nervous, and dark liner was in style in '99.

But to the point.... I love enhancing and modifying photos with my digital software. I thought it would be fun to show a couple of different ways to edit this photo for some effects.

Much more interesting this way, I think. First, everything was converted to b/w. I masked out my reflection, then blurred the rest of the picture. Final touches were to take the paint brush tool and loosely outline the photo for a dreamy, old-photo effect.

This was similar to the prior photo in that my reflection was masked out, but instead of turning the entire photo b/w, I only converted the inverse selection. Obviously. I also did the blur effect on the background... in general, a great way to get rid of undesirable background images, or to at least discourage the eye from looking at them... in this case the yucky wallpaper! I then added a soft black border. Kinda gives it an old film look... yes?

And lastly, my favorite! I brightened the picture, turned to sepia, opacity changed to about 50%. I then added a rectangle under the photo with a "grid" pattern and turned that yellow for the ivory color to come through. The flowers were pen/ink sketches which were scanned in and imported.

This is just for fun, now back to work....


Scotty said...

Mi favorito es numero Dos :)

Miss B. said...

Oh helloooooo, this is tooooo cool Miss Danae, you are beyond talented! You so must do a banner like the logo you did for your m.i.l. people NEED to know that you are more than a gorgeous girl but a force to be reckoned with....

BTW, send me the photo for the 'Time Machine', I need samples for the promo, since my Fancy said it was a 'bust', LOL!!!

Scotty said...

Hey miss Luscious calligraphy :D

Thank you for the dress!!!!
It's majorly cute, and it's in line for what I'm wearing next sunday lol
~Love you sis~~


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