Monday, September 8

Portrait Art by Jerome

Today I'm featuring the work of my favorite portrait artist, Jerome Parker. His talent is truly nothing short of amazing and within just the past few years, has captured the attention of many art galleries, taken first at a number of showings and has been chosen as one of 15 finalist for Artists magazines annual juried contest, being featured in their December issue.

For many years, he put his talent with the brush and oil on the back burner while focusing on raising a family and his "day" job. I am so glad he is painting now! Not leisurely either... he turns out dozens per year with a skill and accuracy in portraiture that is breathtaking. See for yourself... the below pictures are a work in progress.

I love the expression on her face... it's as if she is waiting for you to speak to her, yet she knows what you will say when you do. The gentle breeze brushing her hair, the calm surreal feeling of her environment. Beautiful.

The following are several of my favorites from his recent work.

"La Canción " is 30x40" oil on canvas.

Third Place "Oils" LVAA Spring Arts Show, April 2008

Patriot 18x24" Oil on MDF panel (wood) June 2008. Self Portrait.

Be sure to check out his site for yourself, there are dozens of beautiful painting to go ga-ga over. (I believe he takes commissions occasionally as well!)

"Elena" 11x14" Charcoal on Strathmore

P.S. Ok, I almost wasn't going to say this because you might say I'm biased.. but....he is my UNCLE!! I'm too proud of the fact to hold it in - and if you look at his paintings, it doesn't take a genius to see that I just have a good eye for talent ;)

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