Tuesday, September 30

Wedding Guest Sign-in Scroll

Sign-in Scrolls are a great alternative to the traditional wedding guest book which will be stored away after the wedding, never to be seen again. You have the option to frame and display in your home, as well as completely customizing with your color scheme, illustration preferences, lettering styles, size and paper type. (Not to make the choices too overwhelming, I'm always happy to take artistic freedom where I'm able to!)

This particular sign in sheet is double layered - A deep chocolate paper as the base - a thick cardstock feel to it. The ivory sheet is illustrated with watercolored cymbidium orchids in pale greens, and lettered in flourished Copperplate. This size, 16x20 easily fits up to 125 lines.

(Click the "Write Me" button in the upper left to receive a quote on a customized Sign-in Scroll.)


Angel said...

This is absolutly GORGEOUS! i love all of your work!!!!

Anonymous said...

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