Tuesday, October 14

Guest Seating Chart

I just finished this seating chart for an upcoming wedding.... I loved Jill's ideas on design and had a lot of fun with the precious cherubs and colorful roses.

Seating charts serve the same purpose as escort cards do in a wedding reception. It seems to me that some brides just don't know this option is out there - so if you like this idea, spread the word! It's such an excellent way to tie in your monogram, wedding colors and illustrations. If you are having hand-calligraphy used on other items such as envelope or place card addressing, it looks lovely for the colors and lettering styles to all coordinate together.

Most of these seating charts are quite large and should be framed, matted, then set on an easle at the entrance. After the wedding, they can be used as decorative display in your home!

Isn't this frame just gorgeous??? This is the one Jill chose to frame it in... I can't wait to get pictures!

Tuesday, October 7

The Ritzy Bee blog...

I'm excited to have been featured on the phenomenal wedding blog, "Ritzy Bee" this week, where you find "Little details that make events, wedding, and life so charming and fun." If you haven't already come across this blog, and you are planning a wedding, definitely stop by for creative inspiration. I just love weddings and wedding-related decor and paper goods so I stop by all the time although my own wedding has long come and gone :) I think some of the best design these days goes into wedding stationery, don't you? ALSO, on Friday of last week, Miss B's lovely card making skills were offered as a free download, and also feature calligraphy by yours truly. Here's a little peek, but make sure you go to Ritzy Bee's posting of the free download to get your hi-res pdf.


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