Tuesday, October 7

The Ritzy Bee blog...

I'm excited to have been featured on the phenomenal wedding blog, "Ritzy Bee" this week, where you find "Little details that make events, wedding, and life so charming and fun." If you haven't already come across this blog, and you are planning a wedding, definitely stop by for creative inspiration. I just love weddings and wedding-related decor and paper goods so I stop by all the time although my own wedding has long come and gone :) I think some of the best design these days goes into wedding stationery, don't you? ALSO, on Friday of last week, Miss B's lovely card making skills were offered as a free download, and also feature calligraphy by yours truly. Here's a little peek, but make sure you go to Ritzy Bee's posting of the free download to get your hi-res pdf.


Miss B. said...

I am thrilled beyond belief for you! I hope more people get to work with you and have something they can cherish forever from you. I can not wait to say 'I knew here when...'

kim said...

hi Danae! I tried to leave a comment earlier, but i don't know if it went through. I found your site through "Design Sponge."
I really am inspired by your work. When i was about 12, I used to have a calligraphy set also, and would practice. But i haven't picked it up since then and that's more than 10 years ago. Anyway, I was hoping you could recommend a good calligraphy dip pen for a beginner like myself. There are so many brands out there, I have no idea which one to get. I would really appreciate your advice. I know you showed some of the fine markers you used in other posts, but I'd like to know more about what types of pens to use. Thanks!

Kim from california. :D

Danae said...


Thank you! I have more advice than would be normal to leave on a comment page like this, but I'll be concise... If you are really set on beginning the pointed pen lettering right away, I would recommend the Brause 66EF nib. It's flexible eneough to make the fine hairlines and deep strokes, but also not so much that it's too difficult to control. I love this nib and use it often for envelope addressing. It's a great price too. A little more expensive, but well worth the money is the EF Principal. Excellent, excellent - I can't say enough. Just get a basic oblique holder for these they are a couple bucks. You can find these at either johnnealbooks.com or paperinkarts.com. Also get yourself a paper pad with the grid and slanted copperplate lines for lots and LOTS of practice. A good ink is necessary and Higgins eternal is recommended often for beginners. Thank you for your comment!!! Best of luck and feel free to ask any more questions :)

kim said...

thanks for the advice Danae! :)


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