Friday, November 21

Amazing Grace {round two}

I made this for my dear mommy after she loved the first one I made. She said, "Make it EXACTLY like the last one." (I think she had an uneasy feeling that I would try to make it "better" and not succeed.)

Not completely exact, but at least it's the same text and same paper... and I think the colors in the filigree are nicer in my latest. I couldn't resist trying some new-to-me lettering I found in the Ames Compendium of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship book for the title. (whew.... breathe.) You can find it at John Neal Books .... I won't give you the exact link because you really must browse around.... there's too much good stuff to miss!!

Tuesday, November 4

Calligraphy and letterpress

There is just something about those two - the precise, deep impression of the printing press paired with fresh ink from a steel tipped nib. A marriage of perfect harmony. Each of these invitations were hand written. There were only about 20 of them, so if you are considering a small get-together and have the option in your budget to have this done, it makes for an ever- so unique presentation. My customer, Jessica, specifically requested for the lettering to appear slightly irregular - the bold, not bold, large, small and huge swirly capitals are not accidental :) ... Not something my "precise-minded hand" was used to, but I'm very pleased with the end result.


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