Tuesday, December 16

Paper Wreath

Another amazing etsy find! I fell in love with this holiday paper wreath the second I saw it. The thing I love best second to letters is paper.... (well- without it, where would letters be? Perhaps still scrawled on the walls of a stone cave...)

Haru’s designs are a celebration of beautiful paper and forgotten books. She likes books that were loved by the previous owner, books that have been in someone’s library for many years, books with personalized bookplates and/or handwritten name and dates. Nature, friendship, memories and positive intentions inspire her designs.

This wreath was created by carefully applying paper from:
scrapbook paper
vintage sheet music
pages from Wilmot and Batjer's 1950 edition of Food For The Family: third edition
a 1963 McGraw-Hill's Gregg Dictation textbook.

Visit her Etsy shop here.

Wednesday, December 10

Weddings, calligraphy, paper and lots of lines, oh my!

I've been offering these "Signing Pages" in my etsy shop for a few months now, and they are a really big hit! I think it's such a unique way to brush off the tired guest-book tradition, and try something different ;) I'm not knocking guest "books". I had one! And it's a dear treasure. But I haven't seen it in over 5 years and it was dusty then too. I love the fact that you can display this as framed art in your home, and enjoy the autographs of the guests who honored you with their presence at your wedding.

Here are two recent Wedding Guest Signing Pages I completed.

This was done double layered with a dark sky-blue and soft white layer. The Hydrangeas were done using watercolor. The lettering was gouache. The 16x20 size easily fit 125 lines.

The bride I designed these signing pages for described her vision of an antiqued look with very soft colors, and light shades of pinks and blues in the roses and hydrangeas. She preferred the double layered pages for an 11x14 size rather than the larger 16x20. This size is great if you don't have the wall space to frame such a large piece.

I hope you all are having a great holiday season!!! I am busy, busy, but I will come update again soon! xo, Danae


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