Monday, December 7

Free Printable Download via Creature Comforts Blog + Miss B + Me

The always sweet and talented Miss B has put together yet another gorgeous label, gratis for your printing pleasure! Visit Creature Comforts blog to download. And if you look closely, you'll notice calligraphy by yours truly, in my "Loopy Luxe" lettering style.

Have a lovely Monday!! We're in for several inches of snow here in northern New Mexico. Oh too bad, looks like I may be stuck at home with my chai latte and blogs to catch up on ;)

Thursday, December 3

Lisa Leonard - A chance to win...

I came across Lisa Leonards lovely hand stamped jewelry via ohhellofriend.... Oh my goodness what gorgeous jewelry!! I am currently wearing a very similar piece that was given to me as a gift, and now I know where to find this loveliness! I love that everything is customizable! These are affordable eneough to make great Christmas gifts, too.

Lisa says, "We create custom hand-stamped jewelry using sterling silver, freshwater pearls and lots of love and care. We want our designs to be very unique."

For a chance to win a $50 gift certificate towards anything in her shop from now until Dec. 7th, Visit lisa leonard and then head over to Ohhellofriend to leave a comment
with your favorite item from the shop. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 25

Loopy Luxe Wedding Invitation Design

I just received these pictures from Kevin of Jazyrain of an invitation suite I designed. The letterpress printing he does is impeccable! This lettering style I created is called "Loopy Luxe".

This lettering is done with a pointed steel nib, dipped in ink and written with push-and-release pressure. Although there are many pointed pen lettering styles, the basics are the pretty much the same. I particularly love this style with it's happy loops and swirls!

Once I've hand written all the lettering, I scan it in high resolution, clean it up digitally, and send on to the printer.

I enjoy commissions, so if you are in need of custom calligraphy, you know who to call!

Tuesday, November 24

I give thanks for you...

Yes, you!, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

If you are at all handy creating tags or cards on your computer, please make my day and use this lovely lettering I made just for you!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Saturday, November 14

Made by Girl Wedding Invitation

I've blogged about Jen's gorgeous LOVE prints before, not imagining that she would be getting married soon, and I'd have the opportunity to create her wedding invitations!

Of course, she has great taste, and knew exactly what she wanted. The invitation and RSVP calligraphy was lettering in black ink and soft white cardstock. I hand painted chartreuse colored flowers on each invitation. (RSVP not pictured.) Head over to Jen's inspiring blog for the post featuring my work and endless daily inspiration.

Thank you Jen!

Saturday, November 7

Laurel Wreath Wedding Invitation Suite

Hello! I haven't been around much I know... I wanted to pop in and share pictures of a recent invitation suite design. Emily was such a sweet bride and was a pleasure to work with.

I so love the colors!! Letterpress printed on Crane's ecru lettra by Jazyrain. Do you see the RSVP? This is actually a double sided postcard RSVP. I think it's such a great idea to do a postcard. I'm showing both sides, printed in alternating chocolate brown and green.

The laurel wreath was a custom design I created especially for this invitation suite per Emily's request. I love taking custom illustration orders, and it was a special "treat" because calligraphy with no adornments seems to be all I have been requested to do recently!

Unfortunately not shown, but I just have to mention - in case you are looking for a unique touch on your own mailings - that a variety of vintage stamps for both the RSVP and the outer envelopes were used. The outer envelopes were also hand calligraphed in ivory lettering, matching the same style as the printed invitation suite. This particular envelope gives you the ecru-on-chocolate look, but is from a different set, which was done in my Spencerian lettering style.

Prior to this, I had also designed Emily's Save the date map...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 22

Porcelain Wall Pillows

Loving these beautiful "wall pillows" from etsy user, stepanka. Her shop is chalk full of her painted porcelain creations, take a look!

"This porcelain wall pillow is hand built using slabs,
with an original drawing etched into the clay, glazed
in some parts and fired in gas kiln."

Friday, September 18

I'll have a plate collage, please.

One of my favorite wall art ideas! I'm collecting plates for mine... takes awhile, you know. The plate collage I'm planning is not any particular color scheme, but it does take time to gather plates that I like. Colors, patterns and sizes have to balance each other out. And I don't want to buy them all. I want some to be gifts from special people in my life. HINT. But seriously, it would have more meaning for some plates to be collectibles, maybe a plate that you ate off of as a child, etc.

I used to think that plates on the wall was a strictly Granny decoration, but this way of hanging in a lovely disorganized fashion is so appealing to the eye. Combining color with placement can make a very interesting, mosaic type of look.

Very cute. Are these on the floor? Anyway, too cute to pass up on this shot, I can't find where I found it though, so I'm sorry to not give credit. I love the square-ish aqua plate and the Russian doll.

I like the "W" plate.. .have my own with a "D". It's from Anthropologie but I think they have sold out.

And some plates I'm considering...

Thomas Paul plates... swoon. Love each and every one. (AND the melamine option has a great price point. )
Anthropologies plates... need I say more....

Who doesn't love cupcake art? Perfect for that splash of pink.

Alrighty then... enough about plates...I won't mention them again until I post the picture of my own plate collage. Pinky promise.

Monday, August 24

Wedding Signing Page Photo

Newlyweds who recently commissioned this "guest book" signing page for their wedding. Thanks for sending this over, April! It's always so fun to see the actual people I am working for!

I can make a signing page for YOUR wedding too. Visit my etsy shop for all the details :)

Wednesday, August 12

Paper Cut Art

"Nikki McClure of Olympia, Washington is known for her painstakingly intricate and beautiful paper cuts. Armed with an X-acto knife, she cuts out her images from a single sheet of paper and creates a bold language that translates the complex poetry of motherhood, nature, and activism into a simple and endearing picture." - Excerpt from Bio

This is just incredible work and I am so in awe of the time and precision that goes into just one of these gorgeous pieces!

Nikki is a self-taught artist who has been making paper-cuts since 1996.... some of the originals have even been made into notecards, calendars, prints, notepads and more.

Thursday, August 6

Smock rocks.

I love ALL the gorgeous stationery designs smock offers, but my current favorite offering of theirs is the gorgeous gift wrapping. I'm thinking I will use one of these for the Lovely Package Exchange I'm participating in... hmm what to choose?

What I really, really love about their gift wrap, is that besides being eco-friendly and printed on bamboo paper, it is DOUBLE sided! It's also a nice, thick paper so it doesn't seem cheap and flimsy. I'm not the best at wrapping packages so I need the help where I can get it. Gorgeous pattern distracting from the crooked folds and a durable weight that doesn't tear easily when I get annoyed and yank it.

Indi Fixx recently posted this unique little garland made from smock wrapping papers - too cute! I'm also slightly obsessed with garlands as of late, so as you can imagine this had me all wide-eyed and happy.

Instructions on how to make your own here...

Tuesday, August 4

Little pieces of my July

Little pieces of my July, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

I thought it would be fun to post little snippets of my last few weeks!

From top left to right:

Wild Sweet Peas and Votive
Calligraphed Love quotes on tags (Closer)
Wedding Guest Signing Page
My Farmers Market Birthday Bouquet
My New Print via Sycamore Street Press
Favorite Pink Essie Nail Polish
Sun Sparkling Through Sprinkler
Letterpress Printed Invitation

Sunday, July 26

Lovely Botanical Images

Flowers inspire me, they make me happy. Here are some flickr fave's to share with you... hope they make you happy too!

Thursday, July 23

Pretty Package Exchange...... Oh the fun!!

If you are anywhere near as enamored with gorgeous papers, ribbons and labels as I am, this package exchange is just the thing to make your day! I just signed up for this on "Oh, hello friend", and you should too!

The lovely package exchange is a swap of lovely things with an emphasis on ... packaging! It is for anyone who appreciates a good package: both receiving and sending them.

Ideas: item ideas you can include in your lovely package: photograph prints, notebooks, pencils, stickers, stationery, pretty packaging supplies, pouches/wallets, eco-goods, stuffies, candles, coasters, pins, jewelry, scarves, bags, soaps, vintage goods, mix tapes. buy from etsy or local!

Dates: Sign ups will remain open until Monday, July 27 so you have a few days left to sign up and tell a friend! Partners will be assigned Tuesday, July 28 and you will have about 2 and a half weeks to send your package! Please plan to have your package sent by August 14.

Head over to the package exchange post on "Oh hello friend" blog for all the details and sign-up form! Have fun!!

Friday, July 17

Etsy spotlight: Modern Pop Alphabet and Number Prints

... featuring fun and gender-nuetral prints for children and adults alike. I don't usually prefer gender-nuetral type art, clothing, etc... but I think Ms. Beshara pulls it off beautifully! Of course, what really steals my heart is a healthy dose of thoughtful typography.

In her own words, "MODERNPOP is a line of modern art prints and paper goods with a pop art twist for children and grownups."


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