Thursday, January 22

Calligraphy Invitation Suite on Crane's Lettra

Here is my latest wedding invitation... The bride picked my "Helinda Rook" lettering style and the ensemble was letterpress printed in black on Crane's Lettra paper by Jazyrain.

The inner envelope and lining is not shown, but it was a gorgeous, b/w flocked damask print from papermojo.

... but back to the paper.....Crane lettra paper is such an incredible, soft and perfect paper for letterpress printing. It comes with coordinating inner and outer envelopes, and 3 beautiful shades to choose from, white, soft white and ecru.

A little about this paper from the company....

"Lettra is engineered for letterpress. It is 100% cotton, soft and luxurious to the touch, yet strong and stable on press. Lettra's distinct "letterpress finish" is rare and engaging in a machine-made, commercial paper.

Lettra is uncalendered, meaning that it is not smoothed in the calender stacks on the papermaking machine. The cotton fibers are relatively uncompacted, so the sheet feels extra-bulky, even fluffy.

Cotton fibers are naturally long and strong, but also non-rigid. Lettra is made without surface sizing to maximize its suppleness and its receptiveness to a deep impression. It embosses beautifully. It debosses dramatically. It foil stamps crisply."

As always, I have way too much fun designing invitation suites, and I'm getting a little concerned over my obsession with paper... is that normal...? Hmm.


alex said...

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Peter Hopkins said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about Lettra. For a paper geek like myself, Lettra is extra special. It's pretty much impossible to explain what it's all about until you get some in your hand.

Your calligraphy is beautiful!

Danae said...

Thank you Peter!


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