Friday, February 20

I've been selfish...

Yes, I've kept this information all to myself, hoping to win all the prizes.... I should have shared about "The bright Project" sooner.

So back to the F.Y.I., here's the news: My favorite Miss B has gone above and beyond to rally an amazing group of artists to give away (as in FREE) an item per day for 28 days. All you have to do to throw your hat in the ring is:

a. Have a computer (I'm thinking you have one)
b. Have a name.
c. Know how to type.

Miss B in her own words:

"A teaser of good things to come, by no means all the participants of the amazing 'Bright Side Project' where 28 superstar artists and all around rad individuals will be giving away sweetness for 28 days starting today! All this just to make you smile-- because life is beautiful. It's so easy to take for granted all the great things we do have in our lives. Pulse? My aren't we rich!

I won't name them yet, but if you are an adventuress sort you can try to figure out who the above are and maybe you can win something super duper (or not?) but you won't know unless you try...."

Go to the Blah Blah Blagh . (There are still a few days left to win stuff.) Even if you don't win anything, you will most definitely get as addicted to her blog as I am.

1 comment:

the o's said...

danae! it's been a long time but now i'm avidly following your blog... i love it. you are so talented :) how are you? shoot me an email. love, erin


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