Tuesday, February 17

Scripted Furniture for home decor

Just as I was thinking my next post would be about using lettering in your home decor, I swing by apartment therapy (a GREAT, inspiring place to visit often!) and what. do. you. know. They did it for me!

Here is what they say:

"The written word may barely be hanging onto paper during the days when email and texting has all but obliterated handwritten communication, but it's alive and well in today's furnishings. As graphics abound in all forms, we've especially enjoyed seeing this design trend spread around DC..."

Look at this chair.... swoon....

Gorgeous! I might prefer slightly more colorful pillows to offset the muted tones of the upholstery.

Ok, here are a few of my own that I actually worked to come across ;) :


Erma said...


Anonymous said...

Wow that is Awesome!! find more Contemporary Home Furnishing from Casamodern.

Sabine said...

How gorgeous is the picture with 'Love' on the pillows. Where was this from?

Danae said...

I know, aren't those pillow cases to. die. for? Here is where you purchase: http://www.lushlampshades.co.uk/index.php?page=13 A few different color options too!

Oakley said...

Unique design of furniture!! Lovely stuff as home decor!!


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