Monday, March 30

Sunshine Print

Had enough of the prints I've been finding? One more??? Please? I love this one....

Slidesideways says:
"Colors are yellow-orange and dark brown
Dimensions: 16” x 20” printed on 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer, 100lb cover with with environmentally friendly, non-toxic water based inks.

Please note that these are hand screen-printed and each print can be slightly different, but know that our quality standards are very high."

Saturday, March 28

MadeByGirl: Love Prints

I'm on a roll this week with lovely prints, because I'm considering all the new prints out there that I need to re-vamp my own home with. If you are not familiar with the lovely Ms. Ramos's work, I suggest you check out her inspirational blog and sweet designs shop featuring an array of unique and typographically stimulating prints. Here are just a few...

The best part? Really affordable and HAND SILK SCREENED!

Friday, March 27

Keep Calm Prints

If I loved this print

I adore this one...

... it works well for me since my husband is a a chef and I love eating his food ;) Find it here


Thursday, March 26

Lovin' Letterpress

Do I need another reason to talk Letterpress? Nope. I love it is good enough, right? Here are some of my favorite recent finds...

Index cards with fun colorful tab like letterpress initial and complete with gocco printed manila coin envelope! I love the smart idea, too cute! Etsy seller afavorite
5" X 7" one color letterpress print on Lettra paper - this image is titled "Niebieskie Ptaki", or "Blue Birds." Nothing to do with letters but I think the swirls are quite calligraphic! And I love birds. All prints are signed and numbered. Just $10 is a steal. Etsy seller cindytomczykart

Designed by Stephanie Lynne Ford for Sycamore Street Press. Etsy seller


How sweet! Letterpressed poems by larkpress.

Thursday, March 19

Hand Calligraphy Invitation Addressing...

Yup, that's what I've been up to this week. I especially love the look of white lettering on dark envelopes. Stunning! Slower addressing because I can't use my light box, but worth the extra .50 per envelope I think!

The navy lettering is my flourished Copperplate, and the white lettering is Spencerian. Which do you like best?

Thursday, March 12

Signing Scrolls - (Like a Guest Book, but Not.)

I've been busy a variety of different projects lately, but these are so fun to show off because each one is so different than the last... I've posted about these before, (a few times??... and this won't be the last...) so I won't go into my long rant as to why they are better than guests books. I'll just say, these make a fun piece of personalized art for the happy couples' new home :)

I do have to point out, although it's not hard to tell, that my "good" camera is broken and these are sadly taken with my crackberry. (I have a cookie jar for my SLR, and I'm sure all my lovely readers will rejoice when that is funded if they aren't turned off by the awful pictures by then.)

Saturday, March 7

Cute Hand Drawn Map

Hand drawn and illustrated maps are so fun to create! The bride who commissioned this map of Pittsburgh planned to include printed copies in her wedding invitation suite as a way to show her guests some of the area attractions, and also as a whimsical keepsake of the area. For reproduction purposes, this line drawing would work perfectly for letterpress printing, but washes of watercolor can be added to maps that are being digitally printed.

Fortunately for all us old married couples, you don't have to be planning a wedding to have a map like this made - I plan to make my own for all the areas I've lived in (quite a few!) and hang them as artwork in my home.... highlighting our favorite hang-outs, restaurants, etc.


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