Saturday, March 7

Cute Hand Drawn Map

Hand drawn and illustrated maps are so fun to create! The bride who commissioned this map of Pittsburgh planned to include printed copies in her wedding invitation suite as a way to show her guests some of the area attractions, and also as a whimsical keepsake of the area. For reproduction purposes, this line drawing would work perfectly for letterpress printing, but washes of watercolor can be added to maps that are being digitally printed.

Fortunately for all us old married couples, you don't have to be planning a wedding to have a map like this made - I plan to make my own for all the areas I've lived in (quite a few!) and hang them as artwork in my home.... highlighting our favorite hang-outs, restaurants, etc.


Erma said...

Lovely! I especially like your illustrations. Weird how the building in Pittsburgh look like a pen and nib... but then again, maybe not.

Scotty said...


LOL I'm so sorry I've been a bloggersnob and haven't been blogging in so long. I'm ready to hit the keys once again and so you have to let me know how in the world you got your blog to look so amazing!!!

It looks sooo good I'm not even exaggerating, it's classy and unique without being overpowering.
I really really like it!

I need help with my blog :( comments?

Scotty said...

Thanks that's a nice idea. I'm trying out a layout right now, what do you think?
I love the idea of the map with all the places you've lived. That's so creative and it'll be so special!

crystal kluge said...

cute is an understatement. this is gorgeous!!

Danae said...

Thank you Crystal!!! Special compliment coming from you ;)


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