Thursday, March 26

Lovin' Letterpress

Do I need another reason to talk Letterpress? Nope. I love it is good enough, right? Here are some of my favorite recent finds...

Index cards with fun colorful tab like letterpress initial and complete with gocco printed manila coin envelope! I love the smart idea, too cute! Etsy seller afavorite
5" X 7" one color letterpress print on Lettra paper - this image is titled "Niebieskie Ptaki", or "Blue Birds." Nothing to do with letters but I think the swirls are quite calligraphic! And I love birds. All prints are signed and numbered. Just $10 is a steal. Etsy seller cindytomczykart

Designed by Stephanie Lynne Ford for Sycamore Street Press. Etsy seller


How sweet! Letterpressed poems by larkpress.

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wide open spaces said...

these are heaven;y blending two of my favorite things. a third would be calligraphy. your story is like a dream to me. if only i had started learning at 12! now i feel is far two late to learn hand lettering. but i could look at it and swoon all. day. long.


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