Thursday, March 12

Signing Scrolls - (Like a Guest Book, but Not.)

I've been busy a variety of different projects lately, but these are so fun to show off because each one is so different than the last... I've posted about these before, (a few times??... and this won't be the last...) so I won't go into my long rant as to why they are better than guests books. I'll just say, these make a fun piece of personalized art for the happy couples' new home :)

I do have to point out, although it's not hard to tell, that my "good" camera is broken and these are sadly taken with my crackberry. (I have a cookie jar for my SLR, and I'm sure all my lovely readers will rejoice when that is funded if they aren't turned off by the awful pictures by then.)


Scotty said...

Amazing and beautiful, just as I expected :)
The pics are actually really good for being taken on a "crackberry" (is that the new term for blackberrys? I have to get in-the-know on this one lol)
Anyways but I was going to say, with your photographing skills, you could probably be thrown a camera from the 1800s and still be able to whip out an awesome pic...
in my opinion ;)

Danae said...

Yes, because they are addictive... and they are! I will waste half my lifetime jumping every time the email light blinks. Thanks for your sweet comments!


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