Monday, March 30

Sunshine Print

Had enough of the prints I've been finding? One more??? Please? I love this one....

Slidesideways says:
"Colors are yellow-orange and dark brown
Dimensions: 16” x 20” printed on 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer, 100lb cover with with environmentally friendly, non-toxic water based inks.

Please note that these are hand screen-printed and each print can be slightly different, but know that our quality standards are very high."


Chelsea Ann said...

Ooh, this is quite lovely indeed.

I just wanted to say thanks for folowing my blog, your support makes me feel all special, haha.

Love and warm hugs,
Chelsea Ann.

erin said...

found you through madebygirl! this is such a cute print! thanks for sharing!

Scotty said...

Fun prints!!

These are so fresh and sunny and make me think they'd brighten up a room especially if there aren't many windows :)

Amy said...

How can I have something made? How do I contact you? The Etsy site would not send my request.

Danae said...

Amy, you can contact me via the "email me" button on the top/left of the page... or email directly to

Miss B. said...

I LOVE this Danae! What a cool find the blinds are such a cool touch!


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