Thursday, April 2

Past work...

I thought it would be fun to post pictures of work I've done - not recently - but within the last 6 years or so...

This is a poem written by my client in a Spencerian lettering style for a baby's nursery. A darling newborn gift I think! The outlining is ink and the color shading is chalk and prismacolor markers.

An acrylic painting of my own dear little sister. A favorite scripture is penned floating in the summer sky.

Bridesmaids gift... name on acrylic painted oval canvas.

Watercolored dove and background with dogwood tree branches. Scripture in Italics.

Watercolored Angel... I call her Celestina.

I love taking commissions like these! Contact me through the little "email me" button at the top/left side of this page.


Scotty said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL Danae!
God has given you an amazing talent and I'm so glad you are using it!!! All of those are really really nice, I like Celestina, she's very pretty :)

Amy said...

Danae, everything you do is bathed in kindness. These pieces are so gorgeous, and what comes through in each of them is the warmth and love you put into them. Bravo.

Danae said...

Thank you so much- The ultimate compliments, truly.

A "cheery" disposition said...

such a lovely, lovely, blog.


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