Tuesday, July 7


Minna Designs has some of the most lovely wedding invitations I have ever seen! Minna is a sweetheart to work with and incredibly talented.

I love the navy and magenta color scheme she used to design these wedding invitations. I used copperplate calligraphy in magenta to match for the envelope addressing. (Somehow, writing in pink is SO much more enjoyable than black or brown!)

And I just have to mention the colored edges... if you are planning on a thick invitation that can show this off, you should definitely consider this effect!


Helen Lewis said...

Just wondering whether that gorgeous magenta you used for your calligraphy was an ink or guache? If it was ink, do you mind me asking what type? I purchased some beautiful J.Herbin magenta ink, but it bleeds terribly on about every paper which I've tried thus far. Thanks so much, Helen

Danae said...

Hi Helen, for this particular project I used a vibrant mix of watercolors to create the perfect shade, then added gum arabic. You may want to try adding the gum arabic to those inks - sometimes it will thicken it sufficiently to stop the bleeding. I also dust sandarac onto the envelope if I'm having alot of trouble with bleeding.... check it out here: http://www.johnnealbooks.com/prod_detail_list/s

Good luck and thank you for stopping by!


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