Thursday, August 6

Smock rocks.

I love ALL the gorgeous stationery designs smock offers, but my current favorite offering of theirs is the gorgeous gift wrapping. I'm thinking I will use one of these for the Lovely Package Exchange I'm participating in... hmm what to choose?

What I really, really love about their gift wrap, is that besides being eco-friendly and printed on bamboo paper, it is DOUBLE sided! It's also a nice, thick paper so it doesn't seem cheap and flimsy. I'm not the best at wrapping packages so I need the help where I can get it. Gorgeous pattern distracting from the crooked folds and a durable weight that doesn't tear easily when I get annoyed and yank it.

Indi Fixx recently posted this unique little garland made from smock wrapping papers - too cute! I'm also slightly obsessed with garlands as of late, so as you can imagine this had me all wide-eyed and happy.

Instructions on how to make your own here...

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