Tuesday, September 22

Porcelain Wall Pillows

Loving these beautiful "wall pillows" from etsy user, stepanka. Her shop is chalk full of her painted porcelain creations, take a look!

"This porcelain wall pillow is hand built using slabs,
with an original drawing etched into the clay, glazed
in some parts and fired in gas kiln."

Friday, September 18

I'll have a plate collage, please.

One of my favorite wall art ideas! I'm collecting plates for mine... takes awhile, you know. The plate collage I'm planning is not any particular color scheme, but it does take time to gather plates that I like. Colors, patterns and sizes have to balance each other out. And I don't want to buy them all. I want some to be gifts from special people in my life. HINT. But seriously, it would have more meaning for some plates to be collectibles, maybe a plate that you ate off of as a child, etc.

I used to think that plates on the wall was a strictly Granny decoration, but this way of hanging in a lovely disorganized fashion is so appealing to the eye. Combining color with placement can make a very interesting, mosaic type of look.

Very cute. Are these on the floor? Anyway, too cute to pass up on this shot, I can't find where I found it though, so I'm sorry to not give credit. I love the square-ish aqua plate and the Russian doll.

I like the "W" plate.. .have my own with a "D". It's from Anthropologie but I think they have sold out.

And some plates I'm considering...

Thomas Paul plates... swoon. Love each and every one. (AND the melamine option has a great price point. )
Anthropologies plates... need I say more....

Who doesn't love cupcake art? Perfect for that splash of pink.

Alrighty then... enough about plates...I won't mention them again until I post the picture of my own plate collage. Pinky promise.


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