Saturday, November 7

Laurel Wreath Wedding Invitation Suite

Hello! I haven't been around much I know... I wanted to pop in and share pictures of a recent invitation suite design. Emily was such a sweet bride and was a pleasure to work with.

I so love the colors!! Letterpress printed on Crane's ecru lettra by Jazyrain. Do you see the RSVP? This is actually a double sided postcard RSVP. I think it's such a great idea to do a postcard. I'm showing both sides, printed in alternating chocolate brown and green.

The laurel wreath was a custom design I created especially for this invitation suite per Emily's request. I love taking custom illustration orders, and it was a special "treat" because calligraphy with no adornments seems to be all I have been requested to do recently!

Unfortunately not shown, but I just have to mention - in case you are looking for a unique touch on your own mailings - that a variety of vintage stamps for both the RSVP and the outer envelopes were used. The outer envelopes were also hand calligraphed in ivory lettering, matching the same style as the printed invitation suite. This particular envelope gives you the ecru-on-chocolate look, but is from a different set, which was done in my Spencerian lettering style.

Prior to this, I had also designed Emily's Save the date map...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


Anna said...

Thanks for sharing your work! I love it and find it inspirational.

Jane Farr said...

Stunning work as usual Danae!! The wreath is beautiful.

Danae said...

Thank you so much!!!!


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