Thursday, November 11

Pink Party Calligraphy

Honestly, yesterday was the most awful day! It's been awhile since a cold actually had me bedridden. In the midst of my misery, I received an email from the lovely Miss Katie Phipps that totally brightened my day! Katie planned an amazingly beautiful surprise birthday party for her friend Kathleen, writer of blog twig & thistle, and here are some gorgeous photos! And oh yeah, what do I have to do with it? I had the pleasure of designing the invitations ;)

Being that this particular shade of pink is one of my all time favorite colors - combine glitter, gold, felt, glassware, gaah! I love every last detail.

(And if this all wasn't good enough, twig&thistle also featured my work today - thanks Kathleen!)
For the full blog post and more pictures, visit twig&thistle.

Tuesday, November 2


Hello! Hope you all have been enjoying the change of season! There has definitely been a chill here in the air the last couple of days...The gorgeous colors that have covered the Aspens will soon be fading, so it's on my agenda to get my camera out before they do. I'll share! Santa Fe's surrounding areas are just too lovely this time of year to keep all to myself.

Here are some recently completed projects...

The bride opted for the full names here.

Cross with surrounding flowers is the focal point and below are a portion of the couple's vows.

This Signing Scroll features a watercolor of "Old Baldy Lighthouse" on Bald Head Island, where the couple wed. I really enjoyed a change from florals.

Isn't this lettering style gorgeous? The lettering is painted with white acrylic and brush on an old board - so charming I almost didn't want to part with it!

Fun and unique table cards for a Halloween-inspired wedding. The scroll that was commissioned for this same wedding is here.

Saturday, September 18

Custom Calligraphy & Watercolored Wedding Map - Australia

Here is another watercolored wedding map, destination Brisbane, Australia. I illustrated and watercolored the locations "Ella", the bride chose. Some brides like to pack in as much information as will fit into a card, and others, like this, prefer to keep it simple and only add the most necessary information.

With custom wedding maps, everything is flexible - color scheme, size, lettering style, not to mention illustrations. It's always fun to create maps because of this, and to translate what each couple envisions into art.

Saturday, September 4

Wedding Signature Scroll

This Signing Scroll is different than most wedding scrolls I make because the customer decided to add much more lettering - I loved the wording she chose to incorporate and the way the calligraphy looks stacked. Although the scroll incorporated a watercolored illustration, the focal point was the calligraphy.

Wedding Scroll with additional wording

Friday, September 3

Illustrated Seattle Wedding Map

I don't ever get tired of these.... wedding maps are still such a unique idea and look even prettier with hand calligraphy and illustration. Here is one of my recent wedding maps of the colorful Northwest. This is a picture of the original 9x12 map, however, printing will allow it to be smaller and even printed on ivory paper for a softer look. I love the bright contrast of watercolor wash with black lettering though!


I've done several maps recently, my next post to come soon will feature a watercolored map of Queensland, AU.

Wednesday, August 18

Catching up...

It's been too long since I've posted last, I know! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for those who wrote to tell me how much they enjoy my blog :)

The summer has been a pretty hectic one around here with a steady workflow and kids to entertain as well! I'll be posting regularly once or twice a week from now on, so please check back often.

Here are some of the projects that have kept me busy lately, more to follow!

Rehearsal dinner invitations

I thought I would mention this calligraphy envelope addressing order I did - the envelopes were a huge 9x12!

This is a huge "envelope" that will be framed as a display in "The Wessler" home.

I must have made 15 signing scrolls just this month - they sure do keep me busy. They are so much fun designing though because they are all so different in coloring and illustrations.

I moved this summer! (Just down the road!) But still, it takes time to set it all up ... whew!

Saturday, April 24

A Santa Fe Wedding Invitation Suite

Here to share pictures of my latest project... A wedding invitation suite, complete with a watercolored map of the wedding location. All of the text was lettered by hand in my "Loopy Luxe" calligraphy script, then scanned for reproduction.

The invitation was letterpress printed on ecru letterpress paper, and to make the package more budget-friendly, the RSVP, Address card and Map were flat printed on the same gorgeous fluffy paper.

The return address and RSVP envelope were stamped with a custom - calligraphy rubber stamp.

This incredible liner paper coordinated so beautifully with the rustic southwestern theme!

To complete the package, the iridescent gold inner envelopes were addressed in red, and the ivory outer envelopes were addressed in gold with matching Loopy Luxe calligraphy. (Pictures to come soon!)

I especially enjoyed creating this for my client because although it was a destination wedding in Santa Fe, NM - I live here! It was wonderful to be able to translate the beauty I see in this place into wedding stationery for this lovely couple.

Wednesday, March 24

Into Spring with colorful Sign In Scrolls

Can you believe this winter has come and gone? There is still snow here in northern New Mexico, but not as much of a chill. Hopefully the spring will inspire some new creativity in me!

Here's sharing some recent signing scrolls... each a pleasure to create!

Using both the grooms last name and bride's maiden name is a sweet idea... after all, us married woman can still be attached to our Daddy's name!

The bird scroll work was an element carried over from the wedding invitation itself. Such fun I had with this. Peony's are of course an ever-loved favorite wedding flower, and I love how they look in pale pink watercolors.

A first in signing scroll commissions - a peacock watercolor! The eggplant calligraphy lettering worked so nicely over the citrus and "peacock" blues, I think! Very fun and colorful. And if you saw my home, you would know that I am not afraid of color. I'm glad Naomi wasn't either!

Thursday, March 4

Angled + Calligraphy

Angled + Calligraphy, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

Flowing lettering angled across soft white paper... this wedding invitation suite has been one of my favorite creations of the year! The Bahamas map was especially fun since I didn't know as much about the island as I thought after all the research. Ever heard of the "Glass window bridge?" Google it!

To see larger pictures, visit these images on my flickr page. Just click the flickr badge on the left side of this page.

Thursday, February 25

Colorful and fantastic and screenprinted by Ninainvorm

Ah! I'm squealing! I love these plates and must have one!! I sort of cheated on finding this etsy seller, she's being featured on etsy right now and I clicked through to see the most delicious and inspiring array of hand screen printed plates, platters and prints. (Plus much, much more.)

"Ninainvorm is all about color, ceramics and creative (re-)design. I work with both vintage and new materials, always looking for the perfect match... Ceramics are my first love, but you'll also find many examples of my love for screen-printing and collage here. Enjoy!"

I really love her exuberant and colorful style! Those birds! Sooo cute.

Tuesday, February 16

Spring Weddings and Calligraphy

M+A Signing Scroll, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

I love these colors! Maybe because I want spring to come so badly, these pastel tones are a delight to work with.

Signing Scrolls take the place of a guest book for weddings and there are so many ways to customize, it can either be fun, or overwhelming. I'm always happy to give my input for color, lettering style and illustration preferences. You can't go wrong though, to request matching certain elements that you are using in your wedding - flowers, invitations, color palette, etc.

Have a happy day, friends!

Monday, February 8

Calligraphy + Rubber Stamps

So glad to see you! How has this winter been treating you? It may not feel as winter-ish in your neck of the woods as it does mine. But lately, I feel like I've been caught up into a white winterland of Narnia-before-Aslan. Really. But I've been busy in my cozy little studio and the worst that has happened has been losing power for a few hours.

Happy to announce a new listing in my etsy shop! Lovely rubber address stamps, completely custom designed in my Loopy-Luxe Copperplate calligraphy. Laser-cut red rubber gives such a crisp impression and I just love the old-fashioned feel of a real wooden stamp WITH a handle.

And on to a completely different subject. Have you been over the The Bright Side Project lately? If you like free, gorgeous items, and a new post every day that will put a smile on your face - come check it out! Today, Dingbat Press and yours truly were the featured vendors. Head on over for your chance to win hand-calligraphed and letterpressed business cards.

Tuesday, January 5

Traviata Wedding Invitations by e.Danae & Atelier Isabey

Atelier Isabey is a custom stationery design studio based out of New York. Here is a collaboration of my calligraphy and her design work and printing. I love the rich, luxurious feel of antique gold... you certainly can't ever go wrong with pairing this color to your wedding stationery.

And how are you? I hope your New Year is off to a great start, and that every resolution you made will be accomplished!


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