Thursday, February 25

Colorful and fantastic and screenprinted by Ninainvorm

Ah! I'm squealing! I love these plates and must have one!! I sort of cheated on finding this etsy seller, she's being featured on etsy right now and I clicked through to see the most delicious and inspiring array of hand screen printed plates, platters and prints. (Plus much, much more.)

"Ninainvorm is all about color, ceramics and creative (re-)design. I work with both vintage and new materials, always looking for the perfect match... Ceramics are my first love, but you'll also find many examples of my love for screen-printing and collage here. Enjoy!"

I really love her exuberant and colorful style! Those birds! Sooo cute.

Tuesday, February 16

Spring Weddings and Calligraphy

M+A Signing Scroll, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

I love these colors! Maybe because I want spring to come so badly, these pastel tones are a delight to work with.

Signing Scrolls take the place of a guest book for weddings and there are so many ways to customize, it can either be fun, or overwhelming. I'm always happy to give my input for color, lettering style and illustration preferences. You can't go wrong though, to request matching certain elements that you are using in your wedding - flowers, invitations, color palette, etc.

Have a happy day, friends!

Monday, February 8

Calligraphy + Rubber Stamps

So glad to see you! How has this winter been treating you? It may not feel as winter-ish in your neck of the woods as it does mine. But lately, I feel like I've been caught up into a white winterland of Narnia-before-Aslan. Really. But I've been busy in my cozy little studio and the worst that has happened has been losing power for a few hours.

Happy to announce a new listing in my etsy shop! Lovely rubber address stamps, completely custom designed in my Loopy-Luxe Copperplate calligraphy. Laser-cut red rubber gives such a crisp impression and I just love the old-fashioned feel of a real wooden stamp WITH a handle.

And on to a completely different subject. Have you been over the The Bright Side Project lately? If you like free, gorgeous items, and a new post every day that will put a smile on your face - come check it out! Today, Dingbat Press and yours truly were the featured vendors. Head on over for your chance to win hand-calligraphed and letterpressed business cards.


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