Monday, February 8

Calligraphy + Rubber Stamps

So glad to see you! How has this winter been treating you? It may not feel as winter-ish in your neck of the woods as it does mine. But lately, I feel like I've been caught up into a white winterland of Narnia-before-Aslan. Really. But I've been busy in my cozy little studio and the worst that has happened has been losing power for a few hours.

Happy to announce a new listing in my etsy shop! Lovely rubber address stamps, completely custom designed in my Loopy-Luxe Copperplate calligraphy. Laser-cut red rubber gives such a crisp impression and I just love the old-fashioned feel of a real wooden stamp WITH a handle.

And on to a completely different subject. Have you been over the The Bright Side Project lately? If you like free, gorgeous items, and a new post every day that will put a smile on your face - come check it out! Today, Dingbat Press and yours truly were the featured vendors. Head on over for your chance to win hand-calligraphed and letterpressed business cards.

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