Wednesday, March 24

Into Spring with colorful Sign In Scrolls

Can you believe this winter has come and gone? There is still snow here in northern New Mexico, but not as much of a chill. Hopefully the spring will inspire some new creativity in me!

Here's sharing some recent signing scrolls... each a pleasure to create!

Using both the grooms last name and bride's maiden name is a sweet idea... after all, us married woman can still be attached to our Daddy's name!

The bird scroll work was an element carried over from the wedding invitation itself. Such fun I had with this. Peony's are of course an ever-loved favorite wedding flower, and I love how they look in pale pink watercolors.

A first in signing scroll commissions - a peacock watercolor! The eggplant calligraphy lettering worked so nicely over the citrus and "peacock" blues, I think! Very fun and colorful. And if you saw my home, you would know that I am not afraid of color. I'm glad Naomi wasn't either!

Thursday, March 4

Angled + Calligraphy

Angled + Calligraphy, originally uploaded by Miss Danae.

Flowing lettering angled across soft white paper... this wedding invitation suite has been one of my favorite creations of the year! The Bahamas map was especially fun since I didn't know as much about the island as I thought after all the research. Ever heard of the "Glass window bridge?" Google it!

To see larger pictures, visit these images on my flickr page. Just click the flickr badge on the left side of this page.


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