Wednesday, August 18

Catching up...

It's been too long since I've posted last, I know! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for those who wrote to tell me how much they enjoy my blog :)

The summer has been a pretty hectic one around here with a steady workflow and kids to entertain as well! I'll be posting regularly once or twice a week from now on, so please check back often.

Here are some of the projects that have kept me busy lately, more to follow!

Rehearsal dinner invitations

I thought I would mention this calligraphy envelope addressing order I did - the envelopes were a huge 9x12!

This is a huge "envelope" that will be framed as a display in "The Wessler" home.

I must have made 15 signing scrolls just this month - they sure do keep me busy. They are so much fun designing though because they are all so different in coloring and illustrations.

I moved this summer! (Just down the road!) But still, it takes time to set it all up ... whew!


la petite coquine said...

Your new home looks gorgeous (as does your work)! I love the exposed wooden beams.

Jane Farr said...

Fabulous work and gorgeous new home Danae!!!

Bethany said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kim said...

Your home is beautiful, and your work is such an inspiration to me... always enjoy your posts. :)

Jacjac said...

LOVE your area rug! Would you mind sharing where you got it??

Danae said...

Hi Jacjac, not at all... I purchased it at CostPlus World Market... I loved the pattern too, but it does require a substantial rug pad, fyi ;)


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