Saturday, September 18

Custom Calligraphy & Watercolored Wedding Map - Australia

Here is another watercolored wedding map, destination Brisbane, Australia. I illustrated and watercolored the locations "Ella", the bride chose. Some brides like to pack in as much information as will fit into a card, and others, like this, prefer to keep it simple and only add the most necessary information.

With custom wedding maps, everything is flexible - color scheme, size, lettering style, not to mention illustrations. It's always fun to create maps because of this, and to translate what each couple envisions into art.

Saturday, September 4

Wedding Signature Scroll

This Signing Scroll is different than most wedding scrolls I make because the customer decided to add much more lettering - I loved the wording she chose to incorporate and the way the calligraphy looks stacked. Although the scroll incorporated a watercolored illustration, the focal point was the calligraphy.

Wedding Scroll with additional wording

Friday, September 3

Illustrated Seattle Wedding Map

I don't ever get tired of these.... wedding maps are still such a unique idea and look even prettier with hand calligraphy and illustration. Here is one of my recent wedding maps of the colorful Northwest. This is a picture of the original 9x12 map, however, printing will allow it to be smaller and even printed on ivory paper for a softer look. I love the bright contrast of watercolor wash with black lettering though!


I've done several maps recently, my next post to come soon will feature a watercolored map of Queensland, AU.


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