Tuesday, November 2


Hello! Hope you all have been enjoying the change of season! There has definitely been a chill here in the air the last couple of days...The gorgeous colors that have covered the Aspens will soon be fading, so it's on my agenda to get my camera out before they do. I'll share! Santa Fe's surrounding areas are just too lovely this time of year to keep all to myself.

Here are some recently completed projects...

The bride opted for the full names here.

Cross with surrounding flowers is the focal point and below are a portion of the couple's vows.

This Signing Scroll features a watercolor of "Old Baldy Lighthouse" on Bald Head Island, where the couple wed. I really enjoyed a change from florals.

Isn't this lettering style gorgeous? The lettering is painted with white acrylic and brush on an old board - so charming I almost didn't want to part with it!

Fun and unique table cards for a Halloween-inspired wedding. The scroll that was commissioned for this same wedding is here.

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