Saturday, March 26

Pittsburgh Watercolor Wedding Map

I wanted to pop in really quick and share this wedding map of Pittsburgh, PA, recently completed and about to ship to it's owner.

I love the color combinations we went with here, they feel so light and summery.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, March 25

Map of New Haven, CT

This watercolored map of New Haven was one that I did a while back, but I wanted to share with you what Katie Phipps did with it. She dressed it all up with a lovely envelope and liner paper to show a prospective client. Love it!

Friday, March 11

Featured in Martha Spring Wedding Magazine - Houston Map

This is the second wedding map I designed that was featured in the Martha Stewart Spring Wedding magazine. This map was sent out as a "Save-the-Date", instead of being included in the wedding invitation suite, or used in a gift basket (As was the first "Toronto map".)

The map is of the Houston area, and was printed on Crane's Lettra stock in ecru. The printing is one-color letterpress in muted orange. The lettering style is "Loopy Luxe".

I have more maps to share with you coming up next week… two color letterpress of San Francisco, CA and a two color letterpress AND hand watercolored map of Healdsburg, CA. Stay tuned...

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Monday, March 7

Good Cheer Deal via "Oh, hello friend"

Happy Monday! Today Danni from popular blog "Oh, hello friend" is offering my stamps for sale. This is a "good cheer" discount offer of limited number, so if you have been interested in purchasing a stamp from my shop, now is a great time.

Retail Price: $30
Good Cheer Price: $20

Retail Price: $39
Good Cheer Price: $25

Thursday, March 3

Signing Scroll - Pinks, Purples and Deep Blues

Today I'm sharing a wedding Signing Scroll with you! I haven't been featuring all of these on my blog, (because then the blog would be called, "I dream of Signing Scrolls") but you can see many more on my flickr page here.

I just enjoyed these color combinations SO much. I think they come together to make quite a striking piece.

The design towards the top is inspired by the couples invitation. She thought it would be nice to coordinate the two, and I completely agree. Especially since this design is suited to carry over into modern home decor after the wedding.

The illustrations are fuschia cymbidium orchids with pale greens leaves, and a sweet pink rose with lavender leaves.

The calligraphy is done in a combination of dark navy blue lettering, light lavender and hot pink.

The backing sheet is navy, drawing the eye to the couple's name, and enhancing the weight of the scroll, making it sturdy and thick.

Along the bottom, more pen flourishing is done - just for fun!

By the way, I've been unhappy with my camera lately - even though these pictures were taken in bright lighting outdoors, the "white" doesn't seem right. The paper I use for these scrolls is usually a light, natural white. Not tinged with pink or yellow as these pictures seem to suggest.

For those who may be unfamiliar with signing scrolls, these are designed to take the place of a standard guest book at a wedding, and many times, vows can be incorporated with them, much like a "Quaker Wedding Certificate. I custom create to the specifications of my customers and they can be ordered through my etsy shop.

Tuesday, March 1

Featured in Martha Spring Wedding Magazine - Toronto Map

Hello! As promised, I'm back with more pictures and info about the wedding maps that were featured in the Martha mag.

This map was printed on an extra heavy weight stock - Crane Lettra's "duplex" or "two-ply", 220# paper in pearl white. Although we didn't enhance the edges on these, this paper is PERFECT for a lovely painted edge since the card is so thick.

The illustration was printed in a one-color letterpress, black ink. I love working with colors, but I thought this combination was so crisp and elegant, perfect for the large card - a 7x7 inch square.

Besides the luxurious feel of it's weight, another reason I like the extra thick stock is because it can take the impression of letterpress beautifully on both sides - without dealing with "ghosting". (The impression showing on the reverse side.)

I'll be back with images and information on the second map later this week!


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