Tuesday, March 1

Featured in Martha Spring Wedding Magazine - Toronto Map

Hello! As promised, I'm back with more pictures and info about the wedding maps that were featured in the Martha mag.

This map was printed on an extra heavy weight stock - Crane Lettra's "duplex" or "two-ply", 220# paper in pearl white. Although we didn't enhance the edges on these, this paper is PERFECT for a lovely painted edge since the card is so thick.

The illustration was printed in a one-color letterpress, black ink. I love working with colors, but I thought this combination was so crisp and elegant, perfect for the large card - a 7x7 inch square.

Besides the luxurious feel of it's weight, another reason I like the extra thick stock is because it can take the impression of letterpress beautifully on both sides - without dealing with "ghosting". (The impression showing on the reverse side.)

I'll be back with images and information on the second map later this week!

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