Thursday, March 3

Signing Scroll - Pinks, Purples and Deep Blues

Today I'm sharing a wedding Signing Scroll with you! I haven't been featuring all of these on my blog, (because then the blog would be called, "I dream of Signing Scrolls") but you can see many more on my flickr page here.

I just enjoyed these color combinations SO much. I think they come together to make quite a striking piece.

The design towards the top is inspired by the couples invitation. She thought it would be nice to coordinate the two, and I completely agree. Especially since this design is suited to carry over into modern home decor after the wedding.

The illustrations are fuschia cymbidium orchids with pale greens leaves, and a sweet pink rose with lavender leaves.

The calligraphy is done in a combination of dark navy blue lettering, light lavender and hot pink.

The backing sheet is navy, drawing the eye to the couple's name, and enhancing the weight of the scroll, making it sturdy and thick.

Along the bottom, more pen flourishing is done - just for fun!

By the way, I've been unhappy with my camera lately - even though these pictures were taken in bright lighting outdoors, the "white" doesn't seem right. The paper I use for these scrolls is usually a light, natural white. Not tinged with pink or yellow as these pictures seem to suggest.

For those who may be unfamiliar with signing scrolls, these are designed to take the place of a standard guest book at a wedding, and many times, vows can be incorporated with them, much like a "Quaker Wedding Certificate. I custom create to the specifications of my customers and they can be ordered through my etsy shop.


Blush Paperie said...

I was looking at how pretty & unique this is when I recognized the invitation design element, as I was lucky enough to work with Michelle on her invitations. :) Beautiful work!

Danae said...

It's a small "wedding design world" isn' it?? I loved the invitations, they were just so gorgeous and classy! Wonderful work on your part. And thanks so much for the nice comment :)

Dana said...

Hi Danae,
I am not sure if you are the same Danae that just left me a comment, as there was no link - but if so, thank you! I have long admired your work and was thrilled to be featured on the same page with you in Martha!
Your work is breathtaking.
Just thought I would pop in and say hi - and leave you a little note. ;D
Have a beautiful day~~

Helen Lewis said...

This scroll is gorgeous! I agree with you that the color combo is lovely, and your lettering and art is
truly beautiful!

Jane Farr said...

Another lovely signing scroll Danae! You've incorporated the design at the top beautifully!

Danae said...

Thank you so much, Helen!

Thank you Jane, for your sweet and encouraging comments :)

Dana, YES! I did visit your blog and leave a comment - sorry there was no link. I'll make sure there is next time. Thank you for your appreciation of my calligraphy. I look forward to keeping up on your projects as well.


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