Tuesday, November 20

Guest Book Alternative

A bride I worked with recently sent pictures of one of my signing scrolls on display during the reception - always a treat to see my work "doing it's job"!

Pink peonies and simple calligraphy were complemented nicely with the thick black frame. And, you can barely see it in the picture, but here is the the little sign in the corner.

Friday, November 9

New Mexico Wedding Blog

I was so pleased to have been featured interview-style on New Mexico's hottest wedding blog today, NM Wedding Blog. New Mexico is a beautiful place for brides to come as a destination wedding - and it's super exciting that Susana has created a blog to highlight all the amazing vendors here.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe Wedding Map

Here is a little Susana wrote regarding the goals and vision for NM Wedding blog:

"Our goal in the coming weeks and months is to cater specifically to the NM bride like no other wedding publication has done. The wonderful thing about our blog is that our content will be updated several times a week, and everything posted will be searchable on the internet, unlike a print publication that can easily go out of date. Our readers can be assured to check back and find fun, new content pertaining to the planning of their wedding every few days.

We'll be providing fun articles, tips, and inspiration for NM brides to be inspired and feel the local infusion you don't get with national magazines, or national focused wedding blogs. I'd especially like to show the NM bride that they can achieve the upscale looks and fun wedding trends featured in national print and online publications, using local NM vendors. In the upcoming weeks and month's as we add more written and image based content, we hope to also add podcast interviews and video featuring local vendors, as well as fun local challenges involving vendors, based on design and themes (1 wedding venue styled 3 different ways, cakes, invitations, etc. inspired by the Southwest and lot's more). Last, but not least, we'll be featuring real NM weddings with a list of vendors and details about the event.

My husband, Juan, of Los Primos, is a wedding service provider himself, and I am a 100% wedding and design enthusiast who loves to blog and has worked in marketing, writing, and consulting for various companies. Together we hope to provide a wonderful online source that will benefit both vendors and brides across New Mexico!"

Very Exciting, isn't it? Thank you Susana, for the feature!

Thursday, November 8

Quaker Marriage Certificate

I love the color combinations my customer chose on her custom Wedding Certificate. Watercolored roses are fun to paint!


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